Anyone looking for more information about the Kerry breed should visit the Kerry Cattle Society's website

The Kerry Cow is Ireland's only native breed of dairy cow. The breed has been under pressure from more productive non-native dairy breeds for decades now and it is only through the efforts of a small group of dedicated Kerry breeders that the breed survives today. 

The breeding herd of Kerry Cows is estimated to be less than 1,000 and has in the recent past dipped as low as 600. 

Why Organic Farming?

About Organic Kerry Rosé Veal

Traditional veal production has come under a lot of understandable scrutiny in recent years.

Our cattle are fed on an all natural diet of milk and grass (with an occasional bucket of organic oats for good measure) and they are raised outdoors with no restriction on their natural behavior or movement.

We never give an injection or dose to any of our cattle unless it has been proven that there's something wrong in advance and we adhere to strict withdrawal periods (double that of conventional farming).

Our cattle are processed at approximately 7-8 months of age and all this results in a darker, slightly richer meat that would be produced under traditional veal production. Hence the name, 'Rosé Veal'.   Click Here to order a €75 freezer box.  

When we started to farm here in 2012, our first initiative was to convert to organic. 

When it comes to terminology, words like 'Artisan', 'Wholesome', 'Natural', 'Free Range', etc. can and are being misused. 'Organic' on the other hand, is a legally defined term and it is illegal to use the term unless you are certified by a recognised organic body (IOA in our case).

Organic certification is our guarantee to our customers that our farm is operated without resort to chemical fertilisers or sprays; that our animals are cared for to above average standards of animal welfare and that no Genetically Modified (GM) inputs have been used on our farm

Why the Kerry Cow?

Our first three Kerry Cows came from the Ferguson's famous cheese making herd in Gubbeen, Schull, West Cork and we have decided to dedicate ourselves to the Kerry breed ever since. The herd now stands at 20 cows and we hope to grow this gradually as the business expands.

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