Organic Produce

Kerry Cattle

Organic Pastured Poultry

Available from May 2018! Our Organic Pastured Chickens a reared in the most natural way possible. Fed on a 100% organic diet, meaning that they are free from chemicals, antibiotics or GMO feeds. Our Chickens are reared in the field with access to fresh pasture every week, meaning that they are truly 'free range'. 


Any chef looking to put something really special on the menu need look no further. The image above of is of Kerry Organic Rosé Veal Three Ways as prepared by Chef Martin Bealin of the Global Village Restaurant in Dingle, which was served during the 2014 Dingle Food Festival. 

As there is a limited supply, this is a product that would suit being on the menu as a special. 

Talk to Michael about what cuts you would like and if its possible, we will do it! 

Organic Kerry Rosé Veal

Our cattle are raised on an organic grass and milk based diet with no restrictions on movement or natural behaviour. They are processed between 6 - 8 months of age and all this results in a more flavoursome and slightly darker meat than conventional veal.

​Organic Whole or Rolled Oats

We are currently out of stock but are setting this years crop and our next harvest should be in September/October 2018. 

We sell whole or rolled oats in half ton or 25kg bags. ​​We have sold out every year so far so if you're interested, please contact Michael to reserve your share of the harvest...

€50 Freezer Box

Consisting of approximately 4kg of Organic Kerry Rosé Veal, our freezer boxes include a selection of meats, for example:

  • 500g packs of mince, stir-fry, escallops etc.
  • 600g pack of rib steak
  • 1kg+ Round Roast 

We can also include special cuts such as osso buco, brisket, fillet etc. on request. 

To order, contact Michael on 087 2272115 or contact us by clicking here: :